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  • This Hohmtech Hohm School2 Battery Charger is made with fire-resistant material, has numerous safety protections and is highly compatible with most batteries due to its 71mm prong travel length.


    Two slots are featured in the School 2 and have a maximum 2A charge per slot. The charger is fed power through a single USB Type-C connection. LED indicator lights provide real-time information on battery status. Quality battery contacts are made to last and with a tough, durable TPE-jacketed Type-C cable - you're all ready to charge with this kit!



    Capacity: Two Batteries (Dual Slots)

    Can Charge Protected & Unprotected Cells

    Compatible Batteries: 16430 (RCR123), 17500, 18350, 18490, 18650, 20700, 21700, 22650, 26650 & more

    Input: DC 5V/2A

    Charge Output: 2A @ 1 bay, 1A @ 2 bays - Maximum (Depending On The Power Source)

    Power Input Regulator (Enables Charger To Withdraw High Power From Underpowered USB Power Adapters)

    Constant Current / Constant Voltage Charging

    Low Volt Activation (For Cells Requiring A Jump Start)

    Safety Protections: Over-Charge, Short-Circuit, Reverse Polarity & PCB Over-Heating Precautions Inbuilt



    1 HohmTech Hohm School2 Charger

    1 Micro-USB Cable

    1 User Manual

    Hohmtech Hohm School 2 Battery Charger

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