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Wotofo Fused Clapton Pre-built Wires


Wotofo Fused Clapton Wires are perfect for DIY vapers who like the convenience of having their coils prebuilt and ready to utilise!

We have three varieties in stock (as of writing this product page description - stock may run out over time), however we stocked up on a larger QTY to ensure we hold stock for a longer time.


- Wotofo 5 Core Fused Clapton Wires - 5*30+40 (5pcs / Tube)

  • 0.33ohm
  • Ni80
  • 3.0mm

- Wotofo Dual Core Fused Clapton Wires - 2*30+38 (10pcs / Tube)

  • 0.90ohm
  • Ni80
  • 3.0mm

- Wotofo Alien Wires - 3*30+38 (10pcs / Tube)

  • 0.50ohm
  • Ni80
  • 3.0mm



A purchase is for one tube of Wotofo Fused Clapton Wires (Of Your Selection).

Product photo is the 5 Core Fused Clapton product, for your convenience and transparency.

Wotofo Fused Clapton Wires

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