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  • These medical syringes are perfect for precisely measuring quantities of liquid and perfect for vaping DIY. Made by Nipro, they are latex-free, graduated and wrapped in sterile medical-grade packaging. Furthering their safety profile, these are all non-toxic, non-pyrogenic and sterilised by ethylene oxide (E.O.Gas).


    Please note that needle tips are not included and are not required for almost all DIY mixing because concentrates, flavours, bulk mix & sweeteners are too thick to suck up into a needle.


    Leak proof design is also featured, with a Luer locking system. Nipro (the manufacturer) designs all syringes to be accurate and easy to use. A clear translucent barrel is convenient for precise fluid aspiration and measurement with easy-to-see recognition of air bubbles. There is a tight gasket seal connection with smooth plunger movement and a secured grip with wide and textured wings.


    May also be used for non-vape general purposes such as for food or home DIY projects.





    Sizes: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50mL

    Country Of Origin: Japan

    Manufacturer: NIPRO Group

    Reference Code: SY3-xLC-EC

    Shelf Life: 5 Years

    Measuring Ratio: 1mL = 1CC, 3mL = 3CC & 5mL = 5CC etc.

    Leak Proof Design

    Large Finger Grips (Secure Handling)

    Transport Conditions: Closed & Dry

    Smooth Plunger Motion Along the Entire Length Of the Barrel

    Not Made With BPA, DEHP or PVC

    Leur Locking


    Graduated Syringe

    Packaging: Sterile Wrapping

    Each Is Individually Sterilised By Manufacturer With Ethylene Oxide (EO Gas)

    Multiple Sizes Ranges Between 1mL to 50mL

    Can Be Disposed Of Easily




    Included In Each Purchase:

    A purchase is for one brand new medical-grade sterile graduated & wrapped in clean packaging measuring syringe.




    Further Datasheet Information:

    Compliance With: EN 556-1 ― EN 1707 ― ISO 7886-1 ― EN ISO 10993-1 ― EN ISO 10993-4 ― EN ISO 10993-5 ― EN ISO 10993-7 ― EN ISO 10993-10 ― EN ISO 10993-11 ― EN ISO 11135 ― EN ISO 11737-2 ― EN ISO 11138-1 ― EN ISO 11138-2 ― EN ISO 11607-1 ― EN ISO 11607-2 ― EN ISO 11737-1 ― EN ISO 13485 ― ISO 14644-1 ― ISO 14698-1 ― EN ISO 14971 ― EN 15986 ― EN 20594-1 ― EN 62366

    Legal Manufacturer: Guangdong Kindly Medical Device Group Co., Ltd.

    Further Compliant As Class I Medical Devices, CE-marked, Rule 1, UMDNS: 13929

    Measuring Syringes

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