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Sad Boy ICED is now in stock! These are your favourite mouthwatering flavours, with added ice, that will maximise the taste of your vape! Each option has been crafted through patience, care and devotion to sublime taste. It is made in the USA and found its way to TheCoilMan's doorstep! We happily bring these little creations to you for your enjoyment and delight!


Flavour Profiles:


Mango Iced

A pleasant sprinkling of ice with mango blood taste.


Punch Berry Ice

A dash of cool raspberry lemonade adds a slight tartness to the sweet berry punch.


Strawberry Iced

A flowing candy strawberry centre, delicious juicy strawberries, and a cold undertone are the ideal combination.



VG/PG Mix Ratio: 75% VG / 25% PG

Country of Origin: Philadelphia, USA

Size: 60mL or 100mL (Select Your Preferred Size [mL] From The List On This Page)

Ready To Vape: Yes

Shipped From: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Sad Boy ICED

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