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  • Riot Squad is a company from England that takes a unique approach to vaping through its R.I.O.T. policy. Their slogan "Quitting With Purpose" is a great summary of their approach to the market.


    With unique bottles that are easy to pour, delicious flavours and attention to detailed tastes, we're sure you'll indulge enjoyably in Riot Squad e-Juices.


    Flavour Profiles:



    Cola Cooler


    Cola Cooler is a twist on a classic. Made based upon the popular fizzy drink, however, this has a refreshing menthol hit.

    Strawberry Scream


    Fruity, creamy and divine, this strawberry candy e-juice has a twist!

    Sub Lime


    Cirtus explosion with a sour mix of lemon and lime, it's blended to create an e-liquid that will smack you in the tastebuds.




    Size: 60mL

    Ready To Vape
    Ratio: 70VG / 30PG

    Country of Origin: England

    Nicotine: No Nicotine 0mg

    Riot Squad

    Out of Stock
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