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  • Rebel x Bogan e-Juices


    The Vaping Bogan teamed up with Rebel Vape to create some heaps good e-liquid.


    It's fantastic, so get it up ya!




    Pash My Melons:

    Who doesn't enjoy squeezing melons? Stop squandering your hard-earned dollars on dates and instead go straight to the source! This e-liquid contains Passionfruit, which is combined with Watermelons, Rock Melons, Honeydew Melons, and Sweet Melons.


    Take a stab at this sauce because it'll go down a storm. Hooroo.


    Plum Job:

    D***heads, you know how much I enjoy tobacco flavours and juggling a few "plums" in my mouth!! Plum Job is a Virginian tobacco blend combined with the juiciest plums, resulting in the most exquisite combination of tobacco and fruit in an E-liquid you've ever tasted. Righto, I'll see ya when I'm lookin' at ya!


    Sick Currnt:

    Oi! What's the matter with John Dory, ye Sik Currrnt? This sauce is the cat's pyjamas, so hurry up and get your cookie dusters wet. This Sik Currrnt has a black currant flavour with undertones of the best cherries, guaranteed to make your cherry pop.


    Put it in your cart, you gutless marvel!



    Musk Till Dawn
    The nostalgia of old-school musk sticks.



    Size: 60mL or 100mL

    Bottle Style: Shortfill

    Ratio: 70VG / 30PG

    Ingredients: PG, VG & Artificial Flavours

    Country of Origin: Australia

    Strength: Ready To Vape

    Rebel x Bogan Liquids

    $24.99 Regular Price
    $19.99Sale Price
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