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Nimbus Vapour E-Liquids

The Nimbus Vapour E-Liquids flavour range is made right here in Australia. It's mixed with 70VG/30PG and comes in a 60mL bottle. Each flavour is unique and packed with intense flavours. Looking for your next all-day-vape (ADV)? Look no further!


  • Ratio: 70VG/30PG.
  • Capacity: 60mL.
  • Country: Australia.
  • Ready To Vape.
  • Palm Free.
  • USP/BP Certification.

Flavour Profiles:


  • Coffee Cake:

Coffee - The most important meal of the day.


Wake up with our blend of espresso, sponge cake, vanilla and 2 sugars.


Caffeine-free, but just as addictive!


  • Apricot Delight:

Based on the little cubes of joy you'd always convince yourself contained more fruit than sugar, we present Apricot Delight!


Ripe and dried apricot, candied coconut and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Just like you remember it.


  • Sticky Date Pudding:

The one dessert no one can refuse a serve of.


We take eighteen ounces of super-sweet sponge cake and soak it in rich, creamery butterscotch, then we top it off with dried fruit and icing sugar.


Mmmmmm, rich creamery butterscotch!


  • Bubba Gump Grape:

We've made this flavour out of respect for everyone's favourite bubble gum.


So good you couldn't chew the things for more than half a minute without swallowing it out of delight.


This flavour is just as you remember it. Sweet, sour and grapey. All the benefits without looking like a man-child with a packet of Hubba Bubba.


  • Spider Sauce:

Combining red soda and creamy vanilla ice cream, this flavour is fruity, fizzy, creamy and totally addictive.


Not quite a dessert, not quite a beverage, just a damn tasty vape!


  • Custard Tart:

This delectable and well-rounded custard vape has a baked vanilla custard base, sweet pastry, and rich toffee undertones.


When you combine this with your morning coffee, you're on your way to flavour heaven.


  • Eton Mess:

A delectable rendition of a classic English treat.


Strawberry syrup, ripe strawberries, whipped cream, and delicious meringue Boom!


  • Jam Dizzle:

What could be better than a sweet doughnut?


Of course, a delicious doughnut packed with jam!


The mouth-watering cinnamon doughnut flavour is complemented by the sweetness of strawberry jam on the exhale.


  • Peach Melba:

Peach Melba is a dessert named after Dame Nellie Melba, a legendary Australian opera soprano.


This is a fruity vape with notes of juicy peaches and raspberry sauce, as well as delicate vanilla bean ice cream flavours.


  • Iced Vovo:

The Iced Vovo is one of Australia's most popular beverages, best enjoyed on the porch with a cup of tea.


The classic combination of raspberry jam, pink marshmallow, sweet cookie, and toasted coconut is recreated here.


  • The Pav:

With The Pav, you can enjoy Australia's favourite Christmas dessert all year long!


This one isn't mysterious in the least. Strawberry, passionfruit, and delicious kiwifruit combine in a fluffy, creamy meringue.


This flavour strikes the ideal mix for fans of both creamy and fruity flavours, and it's one we can't get enough of...


  • Carmen Miranda:

Everyone's favourite Brazilian samba dancer and inventor of the fantastic fruit headgear has been given this name.


Making a vapeable fruit salad is the focus of the Carmen Miranda. With a creamy smoothness and a balanced mix of berries and tropical fruits.


If you're searching for something light, fruity, and vibrant, this is it.


  • The Cobbler:

As warm as apple pie...


Baked apple, flaky pastry, vanilla custard, with a smidgeon of cinnamon.


The Cobbler, our current ADV, is a perfect blend of fruity, creamy, and dessert-y delight.


  • The Bad Boy:

Grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, gin, and mint leaves.


The Badboy was inspired by a bad hangover at a Balmain pub on a leisurely Sunday afternoon.


The old gents teased us and our pink concoctions with their schooners of Reschs, but we were too deep in flavour country to care...


  • Mint Slice:

The classic chocolate bikkies are now available in vapour form!


With a hint of peppermint, it's chocolatey, biscuity delight.


It's time to reminisce about sitting on Grandma's couch with a full packet of the good stuff!




  • One bottle of Nimbus Vapour e-Juice, 60ml.

Nimbus Vapour Liquids

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