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Charlie's Chalk Dust was founded by reformed smokers who had a vision in mind. They were aware of the effect that combustible cigarettes have on all aspects of health and life. Therefore, the founders toiled tirelessly to bring the world's best quality, most enjoyable, flavour-packed e-liquids.


With this project undertaken, they have provided like-minded adults with an ultra-satisfying vape experience since 2014. In spring 2019, the company entered public markets under CHUC or Charlie's Holdings, Inc and now consumers, wholesalers and retailers are shareholders in the OTC-listed company.


Charlie's Chalk Dust has a commitment to responsible regulatory compliance and an unwavering commitment to creating the finest flavours and best vaping products on the market.


Flavour Profiles:


Sea Salt Savory Caramel & Ice Cream (Also known as CCD3)


A savoury and sweet bled of salted caramel & sea salt, mixed with notes of ice cream.

CAMPFIRE: Outdoors & Smores


Intensely rich hazelnut chocolate with premium and precisely toasted marshmallow that is set atop a sweet graham cracker and smooshed down to let all the delicious ooey-gooey goodness melt together.


Frozen Tropical Blueberry - Head Banging Boogie


Are you looking for something to knock your socks off? This popsicle tastes like a tropical blueberry oasis!


Big Belly Jelly - Blueberry Watermelon


A tasty combo of sweet juicy watermelon and delicious blueberry jelly beans. A mouthwatering flavourful punch!

Note: Also known as Big Berry & Big Belly Jelly


Mr Meringue


A bright & buttery lemon curd mixed thoughtfully with a fresh-out-the-oven pie filled with a cloud of toasted meringue. Mr Meringue, yum!


Aunt Meringue


A famously awarded dessert e-juice! The fruity e-liquid brings the ripened spiced apples, with a layer of creamy meringue. Then it's baked over a golden fluffy crust!


Ms. Meringue


Freshly baked meringue pie, presented with a dollop of buttery, bright lemon curd with the added pleasure of succulent strawberries.


Wonder Worm


This one will have your taste buds tingly for more! A rich match-up of candy worms slithering throughout the sour e-juice, with an added note of sweetness. Enjoy!


Sweet Dream


Previously known as the Dream Cream, this Sweet Dream is a dreamy one-of-a-kind rich vanilla cream, topped with caramel fudge and a light sprinkling of spicy cinnamon,


Mustache Milk


A dessert blend refined with a sweet delicious interplay of cereal and milk. Balanced yet creamy and pleasurable.


Slam Berry


An award-winning combination of strawberries that are whipped into a buttery creamy ice cream.




Thick, sweet, and buttery caramel that is thickly melted atop churned vanilla ice-cream and a little savory sea salt dusting to perfection!

Jam Rock

Rocking this classic, sour composition of apple candy, pioneered with the sweet perfect balance of tarty belissimo - a jammed stimulation.



Ratio: 30%PG / 70%VG
(New) Ratio: 60%VG/40%PG

Nicotine Level: Contains Zero Nicotine (0mg)

Bottle Size: 50mL

Bottle Style: Long Unicorn Style Bottle

Country Of Origin: USA

Charlie's Chalk Dust

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