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Bogan Brews E-Liquids


Bogan Brews is made locally, right here in Australia (Adelaide, South Australia). It's been a quite popular e-liquid for many years now, due to its craftsmanship and detailed, unique, Aussie flavours. Bogan Brews E-Juice is available in 30ml and 60ml bottles. Each variety has a unique Australian slang word inspired name and label, therefore it's important to read the flavour descriptions provided below!


Flavour profiles, names and descriptions:


Ridgy Didge

Ridgy Didge is a chewy oatmeal cookie, frosted with a lemony citrous tinted frosting that lives up to its name. It's also not sickeningly sweet, making it ideal for those days when you're seeking something sweet while down at the local shops.

When matched with a Pilsner or a classic Ale, it's a match made in heaven!


Bloody Ripper
Bloody Ripper is a raspberry and pineapple sour, with none of the hops you'd anticipate from a Bogan review in the first 10 minutes. Day after day, enjoy the smooth and tingling pleasure that this all-day vape competitor will deliver.

With a heavily hopped IPA, it's a match made in heaven!


Fair Dinkum

This all-day vape is a wicked ripper. Like the Mrs., it's light and breezy...


A few apples, a hint of peach, and a few berries come together to make a fantastic vape that is simpler to drink, than a cool beer in the heat.



The Duck's Nuts

And it really is true! The Duck's Nuts is a sweet cherry jam doughnut, topped with a savoury doughnut, straight from the oven!


If you're a fan of Red vs. Blue (like the Bogan), you'll go crazy for this. It goes great with a traditional, low-smokiness Stout!



Six 'n' Out

You're all familiar with the rules: hit a six over the fence and you're out.


There's blackcurrants on the outfield, and lush lychees by the stumps.


Grab yourself a bottle of Six'n'Out, stock the eskies, then sit back and sub-ohm yo [redacted] off.


Coorong Cola

It's Cola, bloody cola! This blend is a hard candy cola vape, with a refreshing fizzy aftertaste.




  • Mixed Ratio: 75%VG / 25%PG.
  • Ingredients Inside: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural and Artificial Flavours.
  • Nic %: Does not contain nicotine.
  • Style and Readiness: Ready to Vape.
  • Made in: Adelaide, South Australia.

Bogan Brews

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