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  • Alt Zero e-Liquids


    Alt Zero is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, America. It was founded by a group of former smokers to create some of the best delicacies that money can buy.


    Flavour Profiles:


    Just Blues:

    As these sour blue razz flavours explode together, enjoy the powerful juicy blast of blueberries and raspberries.


    Just Yellows:

    Every drop explodes with sour lemon flavours.




    Harambe Banana Berry Smoothie:

    Excision and Alt Zero team up to bring HARAMBE back to life! He's back with a deliciously refreshing banana berry smoothie this time! Harambe hand-picked wild red, black, and blue berries from the Amazon jungle to create this delicious dessert. He lives on, and we pay tribute to him with this heart-pounding flavour. 


    Robotkitty Cream Berry Sponge Cake:

    Robokitty strawberry cream sauce drizzled over soft yellow sponge cake topped with fresh laboratory grown strawberries, coated in manually whipped cream.


    X-Rated Tart Blueberry Yoghurt:

    Heavy use of sweet blueberry tart yoghurt, which may also contain other wild berries that have been whipped to perfection.



    Ratio: 70VG / 30PG
    Size: 100mL or 60mL
    Country of Origin: America

    Style: Ready to Vape

    Dispatch Location: Brisbane

    Alt Zero Liquids

    $19.90 Regular Price
    $16.32Sale Price
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