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  • The XTAR PB2C Power Bank & Battery Charger can charge your 18650 batteries AND power your other devices. The two-way device is impressively innovative. Recharging with the PB2C is simple and easy, with enough room for two 18650 batteries. A Type-C charging port and USB port are built in, meaning you'll be able to recharge fast and supply battery to your other devices by utilising the two ports.


    With one battery, it will charge at a rate of 2A. With two, it's 1A. It is also able of charging protected and un-protected 18650 cells. The power bank is portable and will fit in your pocket, purse or handbag.



    Dual Bay Charger

    Fast USB & Type C Charging

    Size: 110 x 51 x 24.3mm

    Compatible Battery Types: 18650 (Only)

    Charging Rate: 2A @ 1 Battery & 1A @ 2 Batteries

    Portable, Slim, Sleek, Compact & Pocketable

    Impressive Design

    Power Bank Function via USB Output

    Dust Proof

    Secured Magnetic Lid

    LED Indicator Lights (Four Lights - Located On The Top Of The Device)

    Numerous Safety Precautions

    Low Heat Design

    Fast Type-C USB Charging Technology

    Fireproof ABS Construction Materials

    Easy To Use



    A purchase is for one sealed box containing:

    1 XTAR PB2C 18650 Battery Charger And Power Bank

    1 USB Type-C Charging Cable

    1 User Pamphlet

    XTAR PB2C Power Bank & Battery Charger

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