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  • The Vaporesso Luxe QS Kit is an absoloute ripper!

    I mean what isn't perfect about this product release?


    (Official Vaporesso Luxe QS Release Date: September 4th, 2022). Not for the market in the U.S.


    The compact pod vape starter kit supports RDTL & MTL vaping, encompassing a 0.6ohm mesh replacement pod with a 2mL capacity. It fits comfortably in the hand and gives plenty of options to the user with regard to pods/resistances.


    A fresh new technology is brought to the table with the COREX system, delivering "Accurate Flavour - Lasting Longer". The 0.6ohm & 1.0ohm Meshed LUXE QS Pods are included in the package for your convenience.


    We are impressed with the 1000mAh battery, which is quite large for a device of this size. It's also a unique battery type, so-called "high-density", to be fair we don't really know what that means technically at this point, but hey, it sounds pretty good. A bit of research reveals they essentially store more energy and therefore can administer more electricity for longer periods of time. Good to know.


    SSS-Leak Resistant Technology is included, as always. Airflow is worth mentioning as it is adjustable. Type-C USB charging is the vaping industry standard, no innovations in charging for electrical devices as a whole have occurred over the past few years so, Type-C USB is the very best and frequently almost always used here.


    Our overall impression of the Luxe Qs is that it's a convenient, portable option for those wanting a mid-priced pod kit, with all the latest technology. The battery stands out as a compelling feature. It's comfortable in the hand and kind of addicting to hold. Even just tossing it around in the hand is weirdly enjoyable. Loads of options for pods to suit your needs which range from 0.6-1.2ohm. So therefore it's an important addition to the latest and greatest pod vapes of 2022. A worthwhile choice for many to consider.



    Compatible LUXE QS Replacement Pods:

    0.6ohm Mesh Luxe QS Pod

    1.0ohm Mesh Luxe QS Pod
    0.8ohm Mesh Luxe Q Pod
    1.2ohm Luxe Q Pod



    Details on Vaporesso's brand-new patented COREX heating technology:

    Increased Flavour Accuracy

    Formed By Complex Microfibres Inside The Cotton

    Increased Consistency
    50% Enhanced Lifespan

    50% Increase In Flavour & Reproduction
    50% Increase In Vaporisation Efficiency Ratio




    Size: 16 x 26 x 92mm

    Power Output: 21/13W
    Top Fill
    Adjustable Airflow
    Display Screen: No

    Charging: Type-C USB - 1A

    Battery: 1000mAh High Density

    Switch Airflow Between Loose & Tight

    Holographic IML Pattern
    Grated Pattern
    Vertical Lined = More Textured
    Luminous Design

    The Most Compact RDTL Pods

    Side Airflow Holes
    LED Battery Indicator Lights
    Black Mouthpiece
    Transparent Pods

    Capacity: 2mL

    Resistances Included: 0.6 & 1ohm

    Battery Capabilities: 1000mAh High Density

    COREX Cotton Technology
    SSS-Leak-Proof Technology
    Manufacturer: Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited
    Made In China




    1 Luxe QS High-Density Vape Battery

    1 Luxe QS 0.6ohm Meshed Pod (Installed)

    1 Luxe QS 1.0ohm Meshed Pod (Inside Box)

    1 Type-C USB Fast Cable

    1 User Manual

    1 Warranty Card

    1 Reminder Card

    1 Sealed Box


    Vaping Definition of IML:

    IML is a term used to describe the sandwich manufacturing process that provides a wear-resistant, high-definition & high-reducibility feature.

    "Cute But Strong"

    Vaporesso LUXE QS Pod Kit

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