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Vaporesso Guardian CCELL-GD Ceramic Replacement Coils


Vaporesso Ceramic cCell / cCell-GD replacement vape coils are made from high-grade Nickel (Ni200) or Stainless Steel (SS316) fused with a revolutionary porous Ceramic core and organic Japanese cotton.


The Ceramic cCell coil heads, unlike other conventional coil heads, utilizes a porous ceramic wicking core fused together with a heating element surrounded by an organic cotton sleeve. This design capitalizes on the natural expansion of the embedded ceramic element as its coil structure expands slightly into the core after use, thereby increasing its longevity. The triple hexagonal wick holes located around the 24K gold-plated coil chassis provides maximum wicking and can handle juices of practically any viscosity and thickness.

The result of the cCell / cCell-GD design is a coil head capable of delivering unprecedented flavour with no dry hits or spit-back/ spitting. What's even more unheard of is that these coil heads self-clean! The ceramic element (encased in 24K gold plating), compared to the cotton wicks that we're used to, does not 'burn' while the organic cotton sleeve acts as both an auxiliary wicking support and anti-leakage sealant. As no cotton is coming into direct contact with the heating element, there will be no burnt taste even when the wattage is cranked up a little too high and any noticeable burnt taste will "clean off" over time.


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Vaporesso Guardian CCELL-GD Coils

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