• Uwell Caliburn Vaping Pod Starter Kit

    Uwell has been in the vape game for a long time. They've proven their craftmanship throughout time and their attention to detail and ergonomics. This time they have released an absolute peach, the Caliburn.

    Stylishly designed for elegance and portability, this kit has taken the internet and the world by storm. One check on google will reveal that everybody is completely digging this release. Uwell's entrance into the pod market has been flawless, nobody can find anything negative to say about it!

    The kit is light, and fits in your pocket. It's great for taking away from home. It has a minimal, slim and sleek design. It's not easy bring a big box mod in your pants everywhere, and pulling it out like a weapon in public. The Caliburn solves that issue, with it's small yet powerful design.

    The battery life is sublime for such a small unit, it really is a gorgeous product. Vapers cannot stop rating the caliburn, check out the reviews from real users all over vaping subreddits. The best pod system going right now, is the caliburn.

    Take the plunge, I guarantee you'll love it just like everybody else.


    • Inhale to activate vape. Or use the button if thats your style.
    • Lock/unlock system by pressing button 5 times.
    • Compact, portable, sleek.
    • Top fill cartridges, re-fillable!
    • Fault diagnosis software embedded in device.
    • 11 watts.
    • 30 grams.
    • 110mm x 21.2mm x 11.6mm.
    • 520mAh.
    • Charges fast.

    1 Uwell Caliburn Portable Pod System Kit
    1 Caliburn Pod Cartridge. (2 in total)
    1 Micro USB Cable
    1 User's Manual


    Uwell Caliburn Portable Pod Vaping Starter Kit