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  • Sad Boy E-liquids


    The Sad Boy E-liquid company is based in Philadelphia, America.


    Indulge in their indulgent and extravagant flavours, which will leave you wanting more!


    All of the Sad Boy E-liquids are 100mL.

    The Sad Boy website can be found here.



    Cookie Line:


    Blueberry Jam Cookie:
    Freshly baked cookies filled and topped with blueberry jam.


    Butter Cookie:
    Gingerbread cookie that is sweet and creamy.


    Custard Cookie:
    A warm chewy cookie topped off with a dollop of sweet and creamy custard.


    Key Lime Cookie:
    Zesty key limes, honey-touched graham cracker with a perfect blend of tangy sweetness with the mellow undertone of baked cookies.


    Pumpkin Cookie:
    A tasty pumpkin puree with myriad spices baked to an oven-fresh crunchy cookie.


    Shamrock Cookie:
    A minty cream shake blended with a freshly baked cookie.


    Strawberry Jam Cookie:
    An oven-baked cookie baked to perfection slathered in strawberry jam.


    Unicorn Tears:
    Notes of fruit and savoury flavours.



    Fruit Line:


    Rainbow Blood:

    A mixture of tropical rainbow flavours with sweet fruits and exotic fruity flavours.


    Punch Berry:

    A slightly sour candy twist to a sweet delicious berry punch with a splash of added raspberry lemonade.



    Nola Line:


    Blueberry Nola:

    A liquid blueberry and cream granola bar. Sweet blueberries will be noticed, as will the sweet cream with heavenly granola flavours.


    Strawberry Nola (Strawnola):

    A tasty blend of enticing granola mixed with strawberry and sweet cream to delight your senses.


    Blue Happy End:

    Sweet and smooth, a cotton candy delight that is filled full of sugary goodness that will delight your tastebuds.




    70VG/30PG ratio.

    Sad Boy Liquid

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