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Innokin Prism Endura T18 / T22 / T18 ii Replacement Coil

Innokin t18 replacement vape coils for the T18, T18 II and T22 tanks. Vaping at 1.5 ohm. These coil beauties are very popular here in Australia. The stylish and proven T18 and T22 kits are still going the distance. Some credit must go to the vape coils! These coils have people coming back for more, always! My hats off to you, Innokin. (Included in the Endura Kits).


Designed to be run on a 4.2 volt battery, these coils output approximately 14 watts of power, and handle any VG/PG ratio you can throw at them!


Innokin T18 Tank / Kit
Innokin T18 II Tank / Kit
Innokin T22 Tank / Kit
Innokin Endura Kits

Innokin Prism Endura T18/T22 Coils

SKU: 110
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