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Geekvape Specialty Wire Spool


The Geekvape company presents to you for your DIY enjoyment and craft, the specialty wire reel spool collection. With a plethora of DIY vape wires to keep you satisfied, you can be assured of Geekvape's renowned value, performance and quality.


Each vape wire spool's length is between 10 to 30 feet (varies in length & resistance) and is easily displayed for your viewing in the further details below. The N80 Fused Clapton spool is made with NiChrome and has a resistance of 1.62 Ohms per foot. There are plenty of other varieties too! Including the MTL Clapton Wires, Kanthal KA1 Wires, SS316L Wires & MTL Clapton SS316L/KA1 Wires.


These are a great addition to complement any coil builder's vaping tool kit (And perfectly essential for use with RDA, RTA, RDTA tanks/mods & more)!




(ga = gauge)





Geekvape Nichrome Ni80 Round Wire Reel:

Material: NiChrome

Length: 30 Foot

Usable With Temperature Control

- 28ga * 3 + 36ga. 1.62ohm/ft

- 24ga - 1.89ohm/ft

- 26ga - 2.74ohm/ft


Geekvape Kanthal KA1 Round Wire Reel:

Material: Kanthal A1

22ga: 1.4ohm/ft, 15ft

24ga: 2.44ohm/ft, 30ft

26ga: 3.2ohm/ft, 30ft

28ga: 5.64ohm/ft, 30ft


Geekvape Stainless Steel SS316L Round Wire Reel:

Material: SS316L (Stainless Steel)

Length: 30 Foot

Usable With Temperature Control

24ga: 1.31ohm/ft

26ga: 1.8ohm/ft

28ga: 2.83ohm/ft


Geekvape MTL Clapton Wire Reel:

Material: SS316L (Stainless Steel)

Length: 10 Foot

Core: 28ga x 2

Outer Wrap: 38ga

Resistance: 1.74ohm / foot


Material: KA1

Length: 10 Foot

Core: 28ga x 2

Outer Wrap: 38ga

Resistance: 3.04ohm / foot



A purchase is for one packet containing one Geek Vape Wire Spool Reel (in the variety of your choice!).




Note: The word "Geekvape" has been omitted from the title of the page. This is a Geekvape product. The reason? The word "vape" must be omitted from all transactions, in agreement with our payments provider. Please contact us if you have any questions. To reiterate, this is a Geekvape branded, authentic and genuine product. This situation does not and will not have any impact on the individual customer, in any way. Thank you for understanding this unique situation we're in.

Specialty DIY Vape Wire Round Spool Reel (KA1, SS316L, MTL Clapton, Ni80)

SKU: 6970313644069
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