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  • Check out the new GeekVape Tweezers designed for use in DIY rebuildable vaping. The 2 ceramic tips are perfect for pinching hotspots out and for holding all your wires and more in precision place. The stainless steel body keeps you safe from heat and is comfy to use in hand. The multi-function of the e-cigarette DIY tool means you can use it for checking circuitry, coil building, cleaning, and selecting the perfect materials.


    It can be easily used to grip items with force or can be gentle for those finer materials. The GeekVape Ceramic Tweezers allow you to also make adjustments while firing the coil. The heat & chemical resistance alongside perfect electric insulation makes these tweezers the perfect addition to any tool kit or vapers arsenal.



    Size: 128 x 9mm

    Materials: Ceramic Tips & Stainless Steel Chassis

    Tough & Made To Last

    Insulation Provided From Heat & Electricity
    Feels Good In Hand
    Grip Strength Can Be Used Gently Or Powerfully

    Great For RBA, Strumming Coils & Getting Hotspots Out



    A purchase is for one packet containing one GeekVape Ceramic Tweezer.



    Note: The word "Geekvape" has been omitted from the title of the page. This is a Geekvape product. The reason? The word "vape" must be absent from all transactions, in agreement with our payments provider. Please contact us if you have any questions. To reiterate, this is a Geekvape branded, authentic and genuine product. This situation does not and will not have any impact on the individual customer, in any way. Thank you for understanding this unique situation we're in.

    Geek DIY Ceramic Tweezers

    SKU: DD012-MFT
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