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  • Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Mixed Edition


    Introducing the Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Mixed Edition, a revolutionary vaping accessory that is perfect for all your vaping needs. This cotton mixed edition is designed to provide exceptional flavour and vapour production, making it ideal for both beginner and experienced vapers.


    The Firebolt Cotton Mixed Edition features a pre-cut design for easy installation and is highly absorbent to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable vaping experience.


    The Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Mixed Edition is perfect for use in rebuildable atomizers, RTAs, and RDTAs, allowing you to customize your vaping setup to suit your preferences.


    Made from 100% organic cotton, this mixed edition offers fast and even wicking, preventing dry hits and burnt flavors.


    Each pack of Firebolt Cotton Mixed Edition includes 20 pre-cut cotton strips, making it convenient and cost-effective for vapers who want to upgrade their vaping experience without any hassle.


    - 100% Organic Cotton
    - Pre-Cut Design
    - 20 Strips per Pack
    - Fast and Even Wicking


    - A purchase is for one packet of Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Mixed Edition (20pc).

    Firebolt Cotton Mixed Edition

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