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  • Fantastic Premium E-Juice

    Fantastic Premium Vape Juice is a mouth-tantalisingly mind-blowing explosion of true flavour! The cardboard box (hexagon) protects the beauty of the bottle inside. Fantastic e-liquid paired attention to detail, with their superb flavours. The aforementioned unique boxed design demonstrates their architecture of not just flavours, but also the presentation.


    Each bottle comes paired with a 10mL coolant pack. If you want to vape premium flavours? No problem! Icey refreshment more your thing? The coolant is there and awaits your use. How convenient!


    Take it from me, this is the perfect product to pair with hard work after a long day. These juices are splendid and the amazing flavour immersions await you! Vape, fantastic!


    Flavour Profiles:

    Lemon Lime









    Flavour Depth

    High-Quality Present


    10mL FREE Extra Cooling Booster Packet (Included)

    Ratio: 70%VG / 30%PG

    Capacity: 60mL (+10mL Cooling Bottle) [70mL Total]

    Shipping Via: BNE, Queensland, Australia

    A purchase is for 1 Fantastic Premium Series e-Juice Bottle.

    Fantastic Premiums

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