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Introducing Dr. Frost e-Liquids! Produced and manufactured in the UK and now the recipe has been purchased by Oceania Liquid Labs and is made in NSW, Australia. Dr Frost always chooses the correct flavours for the job! Each bottle is 100mL and will make your mouth water!


Flavour Profiles:


Frosty Fizz Lemonade Ice:

Dr Frost slams a HUGE ice hammer down upon succulent Sicilian lemons and then mixes those mashed lemons with a fizzy sweet mix which produces a yummy tangy Lemonade Ice. Your next all day vape!


Grape Ice:

This cold Dr. Frost classic is sourced from the frozen grape tundra! With sweet purple icicles which were sheered personally by Dr. Frost himself!


Blue Slush:
Your cooling, thirsty flavour - incredible! It cools the senses, without leaving you with a blue face!


Juicy blackcurrants, inspired by the classic cordial, berry blended full of refreshing flavours and have a powerful kick to the end taste, with a long-lasting hit - you'll need it to feel the fizz.


Energy Ice:

Icy energy and with a cold, refreshing quality.




Country of Origin: UK / Australia

Size: 100mL

Brand: Dr. Frost

Flavour Notes: Menthol & Lemon

Flavour Groups: Soda, Citrus & Slushy
Mix Ratio: 70% VG & 30% PG

Ready To Vape
ISO Clean Manufacturing Room
Fizzy Flavour!




A purchase is for one 100mL bottle of Dr. Frost - Frosty Fizz e-Liquid. 

Dr. Frost Frosty Fizz Liquids

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