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Cotton Bacon Prime


The Cotton Bacon Prime is the best tasting organic cotton that money can buy. The organic cotton is clean and doesn't add any unwanted flavours to your vape. It also wicks like a champion. It boasts a 33% faster absorption rate and has easier separation than others. Comes in a 4-inch length with a heavy body. The bacon strip form factor makes it simple and easy to tear. No boiling is necessary. Just pinch, tear, wick and vape!



  • A resealable, compact-sized bag to take with you on the go.
  • 33% faster absorption.
  • Easier separation.
  • Pure and clean tasting cotton, for enhanced flavour.
  • 100% US Organic Cotton.
  • Compliance with UPS standards of pharmaceutical cotton.
  • Compliance with FDA's CFR's for food contact substances.
  • Each bag contains 10 strips of organic cotton.
  • Made in the USA.

Cotton Bacon Prime

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