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  • The Coil Master 18650 B2 & B4 Battery Cases are to protect and keep your batteries safe and in perfect condition. They are suitable for flat top 18650 battery size. The durable case is made from high-quality, polypropylene plastic and protects against drops and falls.


    The case is perfect for taking your batteries on the go, especially for taking your batteries on the aeroplane in your carry-on luggage!


    The snap-lock fit design, helps to provide security and prevent accidental discharge or damage to your batteries whilst inside. The Coil Master Battery Case is the perfect solution for storing and carrying your cells.



    Size: Fits Any Flat Top 18650 Batteries (And Smaller Sizes)

    Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 3cm

    Weight: 10g (2 Bay) / 18.1g (4 Bay)

    Durable & Secure

    Safe & Organised

    Maintains Pristine Battery Condition


    A purchase is for one CoilMaster Battery Case (2 Slot or 4 Slot).

    Coil Master 18650 Battery Case

    Restock arriving in a few days
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