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  • BMTD Blacksmith Tool Kit

    The BMTD Blacksmith Tool Kit has everything you need including ceramic tweezers, folding scissors, coil brush, pliers and much more. It's specially designed for DIY lovers as it has all of the essential tools. It boasts a high-quality case that protects tools from the elements or small drops. Everything is laid out inside for ease of use.

    The BMTD Blacksmith Tool Kit is perfect for RDA, RDTA, RBA and for all DIY vaping enthusiasts.


    • 1 black plier.
    • 1 ceramic tweezer.
    • 1 coil brush.
    • 1 "8" folding scissors.
    • 1 pointed tweezer.
    • 1 t-shape screwdriver.
    • 1 coil jig.
    • 1 double-headed screwdriver.
    • 1 tool bag.


    One BMTD Blacksmith Tool Kit.

    BMTD Blacksmith Tool Kit

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