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  • Check out these two Basic 510 Drip Tips! Perfect for adjusting the feel of your vape, improving overall functionality and delivering comfortable vaping sessions. These drip tips are compatible with all 510 threaded tanks (most tanks are 510 and therefore compatible). There are two variants available, please choose the one you want when adding to the cart!


    There are two 510 Drip Tips available:

    Basic Short 510 Drip Tip

    Basic Long Bell 510 Drip Tip


    Please note:

    For your reference, the long bell drip tip is the more golden drip tip out of the two product photos (photo 2), Whilst the basic short 510 drip tip is the one featured in a packet (photo 1).



    A purchase is for one Basic (Long Bell or Short) 510 Drip Tip.

    Basic 510 Drip Tips

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    • At, we understand the frustrations that can come with receiving a faulty vaping device. To provide you with a smoother experience, we've simplified our returns process to be quicker and more efficient.

      Warranty Period: In Australia, the statutory warranty period for vaping products is three months from the date of purchase. However, we go the extra mile by offering a free extended warranty of up to 12 months.

      Important Information: Before initiating a return, we encourage you to troubleshoot your device. Vaping gear can be complex, so make sure you've thoroughly researched and attempted to fix the issue. Begin with basic troubleshooting steps, such as checking and changing batteries, testing with a different atomizer, and power cycling your mod.

      Please ensure you've exhausted all troubleshooting options before returning an item to us. If we receive an item that isn't faulty, you'll be responsible for an $8 return shipping fee. However, if the item genuinely requires replacement, we'll cover the shipping costs for the replacement.

      Initiating a Return: If you've followed the troubleshooting steps and the problem persists, you can begin the returns process by emailing We will promptly process your return request.

      Coverage and Exclusions: Our warranty covers manufacturing faults, defects, major failures, and issues not caused by user actions. It does not cover accidental damage, misuse, incorrect use, or regular wear and tear.

      Warranty Information: Most products we sell come with a three-month statutory warranty and an additional free extended warranty of up to 12 months. According to the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), you are entitled to replacements, refunds, or compensation for major failures and issues related to product quality.

      Excluded Items: Certain items like liquids, coils, cotton, wick, and wire are consumable and are not covered under the warranty once they have been used or removed from their original packaging. We may accept returns for unsuitable coils under specific conditions, but you'll be responsible for shipping costs.

      Warranty Conditions: The warranty becomes void if damage results from incorrect actions, misuse, abuse, or actions contrary to the manufacturer's or our instructions. It does not cover ordinary wear and tear or defects due to non-domestic use.

      Serial Numbers and Repairs: Removing or defacing serial numbers or appliance plates voids the warranty. Repairs must be conducted by authorized personnel, and approved replacement parts must be used.

      Proof of Purchase: To claim warranty benefits, you must provide proof of original purchase, such as an original receipt or invoice.

      Ownership of Replaced Items: Any replaced product or parts become the property of The warranty on replacement items expires on the same date as the original product's warranty.

      Statutory Rights: Our policies complement your statutory rights under the ACL. They do not limit your legal rights and remedies regarding goods sold by TheCoilMan.

      Dispute Resolution: If you're unsatisfied with the remedy offered under our warranty policy, you can discuss your concerns with TheCoilMan. If you still believe your ACL rights are not being appropriately observed, you can submit your concerns in writing to our ACL Warranty Claims Officer at for further consideration.

      Returned and Reshipped Mail: If Australia Post incurs fees for returning parcels due to customer actions or inactions (e.g., incorrect address, failure to collect from the post office, or rejection of delivery), these fees, along with reshipping costs, may be passed on to the customer. However, if the return is due to external factors beyond your control, we will cover reshipping costs.

      We strive to provide you with the best vaping experience and aim to ensure your satisfaction within the framework of the law and our policies. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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