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Saiko E-Liquids has a beautifully delectable taste range with taste profiles to suit everyone. Each bottle contains 100mL and is manufactured using naturally sourced ingredients. A child safe cap is included to protect your kids.



Flavour Descriptions:


Grape, Ice & Sugarcane

The sweet taste of sugarcane derived from the farms of tropical Northern Queensland. The juicy grapes are mixed with layers of ice and sugarcane. It's up there with the best for grape e-juices.


Redcurrant, Fig & Raspberry

Ripe raspberry with subtle notes of figs and red currant. A brilliant mxiture of yummy fruints with mild collant to keep your mouthwatering all day.




Size: 100mL

Bottle Style: Chubby Gorilla

Ratio: 70% VG / 30% PG

Country of Manufacture: Australia

Ready To Vape



A purchase is for one 100mL bottle of SAIKO E-Liquid.


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