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  • Golisi USB Battery Chargers


    The Golisi brand has spread accross the world like wildfire! They are capturing domestic vape markets by storm. Golisi, as a brand, offers a lot to consumers and also shops too. Through providing plenty of battery bay product series options, Golisi gives the opportunity of choice to vapers. 


    As Golisi has become a very popular brand known for their compact, versatile and high-quality USB chargers. They offer a wide range of charging solutions to suit different needs and devices. Some key aspects that continue to make Golisi chargers appealing include:




    • Ultra-portable sizes that easily fit in pockets/bags for on-the-go charging. This allows keeping devices powered up anywhere.

    • Multi-device compatibility - models can charge phones, tablets, headphones, e-cigarettes and more from a single compact unit.

    • Dual USB port designs for charging two gadgets simultaneously to maximize efficiency.

    • Rapid charging technology and intelligent safety features to deliver fast, safe power to devices.

    • Sleek, durable designs able to withstand daily use and travel. Customers appreciate the reliable, long-lasting quality.










    Device and battery safety should always be the top priority.

    Here are some important safety precautions to keep in mind when using battery chargers:

    • Only use chargers approved for the battery type. Using the wrong charger can damage batteries.

    • Charge in a well-ventilated area away from flammable materials. Lithium-ion batteries can overheat if ventilation is poor.

    • Avoid charging batteries that have been damaged or appear swollen. This can indicate an internal issue making charging unsafe.

    • Never leave charging batteries unattended for long periods. Stay nearby in case of any issues.

    • Keep batteries, chargers and cables away from children and pets, as small parts could be a choking hazard if swallowed.

    • Inspect chargers and cables regularly for damage, cracks or fraying. Discontinue use of worn items.

    • Unplug chargers from outlets when not in use to avoid unnecessary energy use.

    • Follow all safety guidelines included with specific battery types (e.g. lithium-ion) and chargers. Manufacturers recommendations should always be followed.

    • Stop charging immediately and store batteries safely if you notice unusual odors, excessive heat, changes in appearance or leaks during the charging process.







    Golisi USB Battery Chargers

    • According to Golisi's website, they offer a 12-month limited warranty on their products. This covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. The warranty can be claimed by contacting Golisi customer support with proof of purchase. They will then assess the product and either replace or repair it at no additional cost within the 12-month period.

      The warranty does not cover damage from misuse, unauthorized modifications, exposure to liquids, or normal wear and tear over time. Batteries are also typically only warranted for 6 months. You can find Golisi's full warranty terms and conditions on their website for additional details.

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