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UK Hospitals allow vape shops, to help smokers quit.

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Most hospitals have banned smoking in the UK. University Hospital Lewisham in London, 2017.

The UK have been progressive in their utilisation of alternative nicotine delivery devices. Studies conducted by the country over the past 10 years have found that vaping, or e-cigarettes are a highly and statistically viable option for those looking to quit smoking. One study in particular found that vaping was 95% healthier than smoking. It seems the NHS has seen enough to warrant changes within the country, to encourage more people to vape instead of smoke. Ecigwizard has been permitted to set up and operate vape shops in 2 hospitals in England. These hospitals have made swift changes to remove the smoking of cigarettes from all hospital property. Fines have been introduced, about $88 AUD for those caught smoking. As a part of the push by the NHS, providing e-cigarettes in hospitals whilst banning smoking is providing an option for smokers to try vaping and potentially quit.

The National Health Service in England reported that 480,000 hospital admissions, were smoke related between 2017 and 2018. Furthermore, 77,800 people had died due to smoking related illness during that same period. Dr Debbie Robson, a medical researcher who is studying tobacco addiction said "It's not as radical as it may appear, e-cigarettes are allowed in most mental health hospitals in Britain, including inside." Stating the critical importance of vape shops in hospitals she said "Being admitted to hospital can be a powerful trigger to reflect on smoking". NHS trust director, Dr. David Carruthers said his organisations view was completely united, eliminating smoking was of highest priority when discussed with board members and clinical leaders. "Giving up smoking saves you health and your money" He said. When a patient is admitted to hospital and is not allowed to smoke, they are more likely to explore other cessation tools as a necessity due to their addiction. This is a chance for them to experiment with vaping, which can introduce life saving benefits to health and thus are more likely to continue vaping in the future. It's a smart policy. A complete win-win for everybody. Except cigarette companies, which prey upon those addicted, take their money and don't take responsibility for the health of consumers. Progressive vape policies in England are saving lives. What will other countries do?




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