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TheCoilMan website version 3.0 launched!

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

It's been a wonderful journey since I started this company in 2016. Initially I dipped my toes into the industry and little by little have received positive feedback from customers and the Australian market. Subsequently this encouraged me to invest more time and effort into my business. In 2016 Australian online ecommerce, was not heavily dominated by smart phones as it is today. Today almost 85% of my website traffic is from smart phones compared to 60%, 3 years ago. When I first created my website it was optimised for desktop PC users. I have slowly introduced mobile friendly versions of the site ever since.

A screenshot of the TheCoilMan website in 2018.

And now... I introduce to you, the latest version of TheCoilMan website. Version 3!

A screenshot of TheCoilMan website in 2019.

Optimisation for mobile devices is a huge priority and I'll continue to enhance the website to ensure it is more mobile friendly in the coming weeks as work on the desktop site is complete. For you this means a faster and more functional website. Enabling you to buy your coils with speed and precision. Whatever your device may be. Please contact me if you encounter any functionality errors, issues or malfunction. All feedback is helpful and appreciated! Kind regards, Sam CEO/Founder of TheCoilMan.com



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