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The evolution of Aspire

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Aspire has been in the vaping industry since 2013. They had an outstanding launch into the vaping market with consumers adopting and becoming regular users of their devices ever since. They say if a vape company can't hit a viral product within 3-5 product launches, they usually fall to the way side. In Aspire's case, it was the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini that took the world by storm. Welcome to my story with Aspire. I usually spend my time blogging about serious topics. You know, vaping politics, legislative changes and the like. But this topic hits home for me. You see the Aspire Nautilus was one of the first vaping products I ever purchased. And I loved it. Over the subsequent years I purchased many brands and products. The Joyetech CUBIS, Freemax Starre Pro and few others. None of them compared to the experience I had with the Nautilus. At this time I was in a relationship and I think I spent more time with my Nautilus then I did with my significant other. I chain vaped that thing for years straight. It completely towed the line in every sense. The coils were lasting 5-15 days per piece. The flavour was great, the tank stayed clean and I stayed smoke free. It was a complete win-win.

How does one begin to explain the impact that Aspire has had in my life? Let alone the countless thousands of other who shared my story. We all smoked cigarettes without any control. The Aspire Nautilus Mini is what saved us. Aspire granted years to my life. How can I say thank you? A product that I paid $30 dollars for, literally gave me my health, money and lifestyle back. This blog post is a way of me saying thank you to the company and the product.

The evolution of Aspire vape tanks since 2013.

I found the above image while randomly scrolling through vape forums and subreddits looking to stay informed on the latest products, news and trends. It really got me thinking about my experience, I simply had to share it with you all. The world is demonising vaping in the media, whilst being praised in private forums and places such as this. I think it is important to play a role and share my story as so many others have done. I can go down in memory speaking the truth of what restored so much of my life.

This is why I take pride in blogging and being a vape business owner. There may be some tough days ahead, but these reasons allow me to fight the good fight and do for others what was done for me. I want to restore health, life and save money for all current smokers and current papers. This is what gives my life purpose. The Aspire Nautilus Tank and Aspire Nautilus Mini Tanks are still being manufactured and sold to this day! As are the Aspire Nautilus BVC coils.

A testimonial in how they have stood the test of time. Thank you Aspire.



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