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Electronic cigarettes have 150 chemicals that today, have not shown any major harmful effect.

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

650 public health experts, academics, industry executives and consumer advocates from 70 countries met in Warsaw, Poland to attend the 6th Global Forum on Nicotine a few days ago.

Here are some of the important take aways.

“Studies clearly show that those people who make the switch away from cigarettes to exclusively non-combustible nicotine products experience the same health benefits as those people who quit smoking” say Dr. Riccardo Polosa, a professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Catania in Italy. Polosa cited numerous studies showing the benefits of switching exclusively to electronic cigarettes.

“We did a number of studies on COPD, asthma and other respiratory diseases and it clearly showed up to 50-percent reduction in respiratory exacerbation rate which is amazing. You cannot get that level of reduction even with antibiotics,” he says.

“Tobacco smoke contains tar, while aerosol from electronic cigarette does not contain any tar. Tobacco smoke contains 7,000 chemicals while aerosol from electronic cigarette emission has only 150 chemicals that today have not shown any major harmful effect,” he says.

David Sweanor, a lawyer and chair of the advisory board of the Centre for Health Law, Policy & Ethics at the University of Ottawa had some important points to highlight during the conference.

"When Iceland got electronic cigarettes, there was a 40-percent reduction in smoking in three years. In Japan, with the introduction of heated tobacco products, one third of cigarette market was gone. We have seen the same thing happen in the UK where vaping is more available and people get better information. " he says.

“Half of those who smoke will die prematurely from smoking-related diseases. This means that about 6 million people die from smoking-related diseases every year,” he says.

Public Health England reported in 2015 that e-cigarettes are 95-percent less harmful than smoking, as the harmful chemicals present in cigarette smoke are either not in EC vapor or only found at much lower levels.

The World Health Organization also placed the global cost of smoking-related diseases and lost productivity at $1 trillion annually.

“More people die from smoking cigarettes than from malaria, HIV and tuberculosis combined – and the World Health Organization estimates that by the end of the century, one billion people will have died from a smoking-related disease. This is a public health emergency on a global scale. It’s essential that people around the world have access to and are positively encouraged to switch away from cigarettes to safer nicotine products,” says Prof. Gerry Stimson of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

(You can find more details and information from the event, from the LIVE recording through YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch…)




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