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Make your coils last longer with these 6 tips!

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Making your vape coils last longer can save you money!

1) Ensure every new coil is primed. It's important to add a few drops of your e-juice to the coil to saturate the cotton, before using your device. Then take a few dry pulls without activating your batteries fire button. This will help to siphon juice into the middle of your coil. An extra step is to vape on a lower wattage than normal a few times, and then build up to your usual wattage.

2) Wait 4-6 seconds between hits. The vape coil needs some precious seconds to absorb more e-juice to produce your next cloud. If you don't wait, your coil will produce a dry hit which will limit the lifespan of your coil over time.

3) Don't allow your tank to be empty of e-juice. Try to refill it before it reaches the 1/4 mark. This will prevent dry hits from the coil.

4) Limit the use of sweeteners in your e-juice. Some juices contain sweeteners which gunk up a coil and limit its lifespan. This can be the difference between a coil that lasts you 1-2 days and a few weeks.

5) Stay at lower wattages. The less power, the longer a coil will last you. Even 1 or 2 watts can make a difference.

6) Consider cleaning your coils. Remove them from the tank, blow out any excess juice or gunk build up. Rinse with hot water. Remove any water by drying your coil, shaking the coil can work well. Then re-install the coil and fire your battery. Do this a few times as this will allow you to vaporise any water left over and will help with cleaning. Re-add your e-juice and you're ready to vape again.



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