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How to increase vapour production!

1) ⬇️ Decrease the resistance of your vape coil:

Choose to a buy a lower resistance coil. The vape coil you use in your device plays a big role in increasing vapour production. Reducing the resistance (ohms) of a coil will allow more power to pass through the circuitry. This in turn effectively enables the device to vaporise e-juice at a much quicker rate. Therefore because the e-juice vaporises faster, more vapour can be inhaled from a single draw.

2) ⚡️ Increase the power:

Increasing the power output of your vape device is an effective way of increasing vapour production. This doesn’t mean that it necessarily creates more vapour, it just allows you to receive that vapour quicker than if you were to vape the e-juice with less power.

3) 🌪 Increase the airflow:

When increasing the power of your vape device, the vapour will become warmer and at a certain point will become too hot to comfortably inhale. By increasing the airflow of your tank, this will allow more fresh air and will cool the temperature of your vapour. This coincidentally will also allow more vapour to be created since when the amount of air available to the coil increases, your device can create more vapour at a faster pace. In a nutshell, when vapour production increases, vapour is pushed out faster, so when the airflow is increased, this allows the older vapour to be replaced with newer vapour, this cycle increases the amount of vapour produced.

4) 🧪 Increase the VG in your e-juice:

If you would like to increase your vapour production an element to look into is the e-juice that you’re vaping. All juice is comprised of two basic elements, VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol). VG is sweet and produces more vapour. PG provides flavour and a throat hit which can be similar to a conventional cigarette, depending on the amount in the e-juice. If your intention is simply to increase vapour, choosing to buy e-liquid that is higher in VG will result in bigger clouds.



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